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About me

Welcome on this tiny collection of pixels on the world wide web, also known as my virtual business card. This is not my own design, It's designed by Mark Dijkstra and was available on ThemeForest.

I'm a 30 year old software engineer from Enschede currently working at Nedap Energy Systems on the PowerRouter. Well sort of, since I'm actually a MSc in Electrical Engineering educated at the University of Twente.

My Work

the PowerRouter

you're in charge

The PowerRouter routes and manages energy from various renewable sources, multi-directional, when and where it is needed; for residential and industrial use.

As a software engineer I contribute to the embedded C-code (on Microchip and Texas Instruments microprocessors), tooling (in Labwindows/CVI) and webapplication built with Ruby on Rails.

A short introduction video.


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